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Comedy Combo:Improv AND Stand Up Workshops with Culmination Showcase at THE IMPROV!

Combo Class

Improvisation & Stand Up workshops which culminate in a live showcase  THE IMPROV! This amazing class meets once a week, 3 hours a class, includes learning 2 forms of comedy, and culminates into a show. That’s 24 hours total of comedy + show = FUN!  Workshops are headquartered at New Collective Acting Studios in Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood!  You will learn how to create characters and incorporate improvisational games, stand up development of point of view, structure, microphone technique, delivery and share with friends and family for the showcase a 6 minute comedy routine at the world famous Improv!

Amazing Guest Comedians Visit Comedy Playground!

We are delighted to have guest comedians come into our Comedy Playground Combo classes to share some of their expertise! Some of the comics in the past that have come to our classes include:

  • Bill Burr
  • Bobby Lee
  • Brently Heilbron
  • Betsy Salkind
  • Cynthia Levin
  • Peter Spryut
  • Dan Fogler
  • Craig Robinson
  • Rich Williams
  • Sam Brown
  • Scott Kennedy
  • Brody Stevens

Price: Inquire within: or                       call: 323-397-2709
Class Location: New Collective LA at 6440 Santa Monica Blvd LA, CA 90038 **FALL /WINTER SESSION 2020 ON LINE VIA ZOOM***
Currently Enrolling SEPTEMBER 27- NOVEMBER 1, 2020                               Sundays: 10am-12pm ON ZOOM!
Please call: 323-397-2709 for further info! 

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