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Eamon Cannon Memorial Page

Eamon Cannon was a part of Comedy Playground from 2002-2007. And within each year, he soared through the world of comedy, reaching the stages of The Improv, Comedy Union, Kqool Comedy, The Laugh Factory, Sweetbread New York, and Stand Up NY. He was showcased and called back to the Aspen Comedy Festival, and the infamous Montreal Comedy Festival.

Eamon became a Teacher’s Assistant to our program, a mentor, and friend that ignited each of our hearts and souls. A generous spirit, a nurturing soul, a talent so immeasurable, and one that will live on through all of us. Eamon is and forever will be, a comedian.  Eamon is and will forever be missed.

As his manager, and as his teacher, and one of my dearest friends, I write on behalf of myself, Katey Mushlin, and all of his loving peers, and students of Comedy Playground.  How we will forever remember all he shared, and all of his beauty every Sunday, and every day. His spirit forever lives in our program, and in all of our hearts. We dedicate our program to Eamon and all he dedicated himself to within.

Eamon will always be “God to our Classroom”. We love you Eamon.

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