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The Humor Activist (HA!) Launch!

We are very excited to announce The Humor Activist (HA!) a Division of Comedy Playground, providing corporate connectivity, speech writing, public speaking, and team building programs. So, whether you are shy and dreading how to give that wedding  toast, present at your company’s annual retreat, or clink your glass to honor a recent graduate, HA! programs can help you find a way to deliver, find the funny,  and have FUN in the process! Turn the fear into FUN, and receive “Free Humor Tips” by signing up through our website!

Susanna_color_finalNew to a company and not sure how to fit in with your co-workers? Uncomfortable sitting at the company lunchroom table next to someone you don’t know? Tired of filling in the awkward silence talking about the teriyaki chicken, weather, or memo about casual Fridays? Unsure how to respond to someone continually pronouncing your name incorrectly? If you see yourself saying yes.. then HA! Team Building programs provide tools on how to “Free the Laughs” find ways to connect, and build bridges through humor. Based on a 13 year original curriculum, HA! programs are really beneficial to just about anyone. As I always say, humor is the glue. Laughter is ageless. The outcomes are infinite. Learn the HOW TO THE HA! See our program offerings, speaking engagements, publication info and more!  Please take a moment and visit to learn more!


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