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The Art of Improv


“How do you do that?” “I would never know what to say!” “It just makes me so nervous…”

are some of the usual comments I hear when I tell people that I have been doing improv competitively and at comedy clubs since I was a teenager.  I’ll usually respond with, you don’t need to know what you’re going to say all the time…you don’t know what you are going to say  to me next in this conversation, but yet you will find something, and it will likely be interesting and spark conversation.  My number one lesson about improv: you are more interesting than you think, and that strange idea you get on stage or that weird comment you make during a scene, is probably a lot funnier than you give yourself credit for.  So just go for it!

Improv is a large component of the Comedy Playground curriculum…and I think it is an invaluable skill, not just for actors, but for anyone.  As an actor, you absolutely MUST be able to think on your toes, and that’s what improv does for you.  As an average joe or every day Jane?  Improv helps too!  When you go into a job interview, a whole lot of it is improv because you don’t know exactly what questions you are going to be asked.  When you go on a first date, you aren’t going to plan out your conversation…improv helps build the confidence to just run with it…to listen and to be present in the moment, and to trust yourself.

Improv is not just jumping on stage, acting crazy, and saying whatever comes to your mind, however.  As part of the Comedy Playground program you will learn improv from one of the best teachers I have ever studied the ‘prov with…Katey Mushlin…and she will take you deep into the heart of improv; how to utilize technique, how to own your space, and how to own your voice and ideas while supporting others.

I’m Andrew Walker…and for now:

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Stay funny, keep laughing 🙂



The Art of Improv

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