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Takes real pride in being a part of something larger than herself

“Comedy Playground is an outstanding program offering both Stand-up and Improvisational comedy instruction taught by amazing, professional teachers who give 100% of themselves to the teens.

My daughter started with Comedy Playground when she was 13. She is 16 now and it has become a big part of her life. Comedy Playground provides a supportive environment to learn Stand-up, and it has given her confidence speaking in front of a large group, and this has translated into top grades for presentations at school. The improvisation portion of the class has trained her to think on her feet and work well in a group. My husband and I feel these are invaluable skills that will serve her well for whatever profession she ultimately chooses. She has also had the opportunity to perform at various charity events, and she takes real pride in being a part of something larger than herself.”
– Jodi, Santa Monica, Mother

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