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What Some Stand Up Students are Sayin’….

Here are some more words from students themselves who have learned stand up with Instructor/Owner of Comedy Playground: Susanna Spies

“I had always had an interest in doing Stand-Up.  But it wasn’t until I met Susanna that I got the confidence and the skills to get up on stage and make a room full of people laugh out loud.” Nolan P

“I wanted to tell you that the experience I’ve had with the class has been better than outstanding if that is even a term. I have learned  the technique on how to come up with my material, and how to structure it, but it also I found how valuablemy voice and opinions is. When at the beginning you told us to write what we wanted to achieved in the class was, I did and it was all thanks to the directions and coaching you gave me.”  Pablo C

I have had such a great time being in this class! I am so ADD and when I knew it was 3 hours long I was like “here we go”.. But I do nothing except be on my toes and get butterflies… Which is something I haven’t felt since I did musicals in High School.. It’s a feeling that I love! The time ended up always escaping me/us afterwards and I wished I had more. You make the transition so nice and smooth and your support and confidence when we are trying things/bits is very accepting. You’re hilarious, I’ve loved learning and working with you,  I would SOOO love to work with you again. Let me know of ANY opportunity where that’s possible.”Chase F.

” Susanna, I first and foremost want to thank you for having me as a student and a member of your standup workshop this time around. I have learned many things about myself and the art of standup throughout this process.   I’m walking away with is just how important trusting myself and the work I put in to something is. As I battled with what I thought were nerves and this doubt of not being funny enough, I was coached by you to trust the process and the solid work we explored in class. You as a teacher really gave me all the tools I needed, but stepped back and allowed me to learn how to trust myself. I know feel confident about all the work I have done and really see an arch from where I started, to where I am now. This workshop has been an important learning lesson for me as an actor, and as a person still trying to figure out who I am. It’s amazing to think of what positive things have grown out of a comedy class, that only met once a week for a few hours. I recommend your class to anyone with a passion for creativity and maybe just need a little faith in themselves, like me! Thanks again for everything.” Trina T.

What Some Stand Up Students are Sayin’….

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