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Piece about Seeds of Peace with Comedy Playground


Hi friends!

Many of you have asked how the trip has been going, and there are so few words to even know how to find to describe this incredibly profound experience at Seeds of Peace! I had the honor of teaching comedy  programs for youth from: Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, UK, and the US. Truly out of this world (no pun intended), and one of the most incredible experience in my years as a comedian, program facilitator and educator, and as a human being on this earth. I will add updates to share, but for now including a note below I sent to my family the first day describing some of the class experiences the first day:

Day one

“I am here. I am speechless. My face hurts from smiling and my heart beyond full. Attached are some photos from today. I’m on a break between classes but will add some of the experiences from today in working with the Peer Support Leaders from Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, US, Afghanistan, Israel and India.”

“The session started with a microphone I brought over that was given to me by the Improv years ago. I passed it around asking each to make a wish, demonstrating symbolism and unity as we each share our voice ,also sharing it’s history of where it came from. I passed around that mic and asked each to make a wish quietly to themselves. Each could not grab it fast enough. It was an offering, accepted. Each sharing, give and take and a foreshadowing to the upcoming hour and a half ahead. One of the Development Directors was smiling ear to ear while watching.”

Some quotes that stuck out:

Quote one: Student from Afghanistan: “I wish we could have a National Donkey Day – to give them a break, they don’t ever get a break and they need one too!” Roars of applause and laughter prevailed. High fives around the circle.

Quote two: Student from Palestine: “I think there are great good things to be the oldest, I am the middle and I love it, and that too is great, it is not the oldest, but the middle and both I love, both are great!” Ran onto stage to share, high fives around the circle.

Quote of the day given during line up – an all group gathering before each meal.”Love is like a fart, if you push hard enough, it’s poop.” 185 campers hysterically laughing.

I was able to teach approximately 70 students through the one universal language I have always said can transcend, the language of humor, and together we worked to help build that bridge toward unity. I learned tons from this experience.. and will forever be so honored to have been with such an INCREDIBLY courageous group of leaders for our many tomorrow’s toward peace.

More to add tomorrow… stay tuned. Goodnight.

Hugs and Ha’s, Susanna

Piece about Seeds of Peace with Comedy Playground

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