Comedy Playground,LLC

New-found self-esteem and purpose

“Comedy Playground has provided a secure, fun, and challenging environment for our daughter to develop her talent as a stand-up comic and to learn the technical aspects of comedy and improvisational performance.  We have watched her, over the course of several shows, grow from a shy introverted teen to an ambitious, confident and excited go getter. She has evolved as , an  in-experienced and nervous performer on stage, to a confident and very funny presence who understands the process of writing original material.

We have seen how this work, under the guidance of the talented and supportive Susanna Spies, has brought new-found self-esteem and purpose to our daughter as well as to other Comedy Playground participants.  We feel grateful to have discovered Comedy Playground”

Tony Magnemi  – Business Owner
Daughter: 13
Son: 11

New-found self-esteem and purpose

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