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“Don’t Fear Your Funny”

“Don’t Fear Your Funny”
Testimonial by Jason Milversted

Fear is a strange thing. It can prevent us from doing all sorts of things, which may otherwise come easy. Whether it be fear of failure, fear of success and what that entails, or even just plain old fear of public speaking, overcoming fear can feel almost impossible at times.
Comedy was that for me. I felt that I loved comedy and that I really wanted to attempt it….ONE DAY…..You know, one day, meaning maybe never actually get around to doing it. Kind of like most people when they think of this easy journey of vulnerability and absolute support we expect to receive from the audience and fellow comics. Woo hoo, sign me up…..Comedy? Live? Me? How? Where do I start? What would I say?
One day, while skimming through the Glendale Community College “Go ahead and better yourself handbook” (list of classes they offer), I came across this comedy class, taught by a very funny lady named Susanna Spies. It was called, “Finding your Funny”. I decided to go ahead and sign up.
On day one, I told her of my fears about doing comedy. She assured me that I had nothing to fear and that we were all in this group to help discover how we can tell our own story in a way that allowed us to discover comedic truth within ourselves. We started by just telling stories and getting familiar with thinking like a comic. Take the class and fill in the blanks here.
By the end of course, we completed a six-minute set, applauded my classmates successfully completing a live stand up show, and am getting excited to perform on my own. I am coming up with all of this material that I did not know I had in me and I owe it all to Susanna Spies and her class. It was EXACTLY what I needed to learn how discover my own truth in comedy.
I have since seen her perform live and have watched many of her sets on them interwebs. I love her approach to comedy and how she acts out some of her impressions…really good stuff. Funny! I look forward to continuing on my journey with Susanna as a mentor, and hopefully one day as my peer. Thank you Susanna!!!”

If you are interested in Finding Your Funny Adult Stand Up Comedy workshops are currently enrolling!

JAN 6- FEB 3, 2020! Monday evenings: 7:30pm-9:30pm Holiday Discounts by November 30th! Register soon for savings and to save your spot!

Please email: for further info on how to save your spot and register.

“Don’t Fear Your Funny”

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