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Adult Classes: Finding Your Funny (FYF) & Stand up with Susanna!

Susanna teaches a great adult program within Comedy Playground called “Finding Your Funny” (FYF)! Five week classes, ending in live shows! Additional learning opportunities include: One on one private coachings, semi-private sessions of 3-4 students) and virtual sessions on the web! Please email: to inquire and book what works for your schedule!

“I’ve been putting off pursing stand up for at least 5 years. I made every excuse in the book, and then, fate brought Susanna and I together. Working with Susanna has been one of the most encouraging and life giving experiences and exactly what I needed with my first stand up experience. She’s patient and facilitated a safe process as I prepare for for my first stand up show. Thank you Susanna! Thank you for guiding me find my voice and for giving me the boost of confidence I needed to take the first step. Whether you’re new to stand up or a veteran I truly believe Susanna will help YOU find your funny!” – Nadia Benavides-Earnest

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Add’l: Testimonials:

Susanna provides a safe place to work out material and provides constructive advice built on more years of experience than she’d like to admit. She’s very strong on providing you a structure you can work quickly with and in four weeks I was able to develop a strong 6-minute set that I can take anyplace around town. I’d definitely take this workshop again! – Jim McCaffree

Finding Your Funny is an empowering experience. From the first class, you leave with new tools to transform your point of view into comedic sets, allowing you to share your life experiences with other people. Under the guidance of Susanna Spies, you leave stronger, more confident, and ready to take on any stage any place.  Michael Massey                                                        

Susanna’s workshop is phenomenal! She has a fantastic formula to find your funny that takes all the scary out of standup. In just a few weeks, I felt super confident to get on stage with material she helped me craft – the audience laughed like crazy!! Thank you, Susanna! – Liimu McGill

I’m pretty much an introverted individual that has never realized my full potential. I got involved with Susanna and her programs a couple of years ago after I moved to Los Angeles. Working with her has really allowed me to focus on my craft and hone in on certain things I did well and other things I needed to work on. Her hands on method of allowing us students to really develop on our own with just enough instruction and guidance, has allowed myself, and others to blossom and reach their full potential. I have been very fortunate to have worked with Susanna on the professional level and have gotten to know her just as much on the personal one. She pays attention to detail with each of her students and works with them as individuals so they are allowed to gain the confidence and know how to be better comics and public speakers in general. She truly cares about the art form and only wants the best for those that are willing to put the time in to get better and reach that level of greatness. I recommend her programs not only just for stand-up comedy or joke writing, but for a type of outlet some of us need to tap into, but are just too afraid or unwilling to take part in. She has done wonders for my confidence as a stand-up comic, joke writer, but mostly just as a person in general. I appreciate all that she’s helped me with and only wish to continue my path to becoming an exceptional performer. -Leon Henderson


Registration is open:

Send us an email to learn of class dates! 5-week sessions ending in live show!
Please email: to learn of next dates and how to register! $285 for 5 week class, 3 hours each sessions, ending in a live show!

Finding Your Funny Adult Class Program

3 hours/ 5 weeks with ending show! Enter your payment details and sign up today!

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One on One Coachings & Consultations

Susanna also offers one on one private sessions as well as on site group comedy coaching!  If interested in learning about the private program offerings, use this form to contact President and Founder, Susanna Spies or email or call (323) 397-2709 to find out more.


I loved working with Susanna on creating new material and polishing some of the existing bits in preparation for my shows at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club in Las Vegas. Susanna is a joy to work with,  she is very generous with the punch up ideas and will help you build a strong TV quality set. It was very refreshing to work with someone who believes in you and wants you to grow and succeed.  Irina V.

Exciting news on the launch of our corporate division of THE HUMOR ACTIVIST (HA!) http://www.thehumoractivist.comThese programs are specifically focusing on team building, story telling, and public speaking providing tools on how to succeed and achieve to your greatest potential through humor.

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