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Hello all!

As you may know, Comedy Playground has been in operation for twelve years, working tirelessly to promote stand up comedy, improv, and the art of comedy performance among youth and families.  A lot of Comedy Playground regulars and alumni have spent many years working with Susanna, and, as those of us who have worked with her know, this is a wonderful program that any teens and/or preteens wanting to get on stage in the name of comedy should take.

We are currently moving into more and more online activity, as dictated by the times, including lots of activity on twitter (@TeenComics), a brand-new youtube page, Facebook, and most recently blogging!  We appreciate you following us, thank you for reading this blog, and we hope to continue connecting with all of you in the future!

Despite this recent surge of online activity, we do still need your help!  If you have taken the CP classes before, or if you know of anyone interested in a class like this, please spread the word!  Nothing will ever beat word of mouth advertising for a great program like this (Capping off a full semester with a live show at The Improv on Melrose, how great is that?!).

Interested in helping us out?  Here’s what you can do:

– Spread the word!  Tell your friends about us.

– Write a review on Yelp! (if you don’t have time to write a review, a quick rating is also hugely appreciated)

– Tweet/Follow us!  @TeenComics

– “Like” us on Facebook

– Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

– Call or Email for any further information needed

Thank you so much for reading, and for supporting this program.  We are nothing without the support of our community.

Stay funny, Keep Laughing, Be Yourself

I’m Andrew Walker, thanks for reading.

The CP Community

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