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Jerami Monreal, Instructor; Stand Up & Improvisation

Jerami MonrealMy name is Jerami Monreal, I am a recent graduate of “AMDA: The College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts,” and am thrilled to be a part of Comedy Playground. During my time at AMDA, I was a part of/ put together many stand-up shows- all productions were alongside Susanna Spies. I am a part of a comedy group named“Imaginary Circumstances” and we have performed Improvisation/Stand-up all around Los Angeles. I spend most of my days bringing some aspect of comedy in it. Whether it be watching a new special, reading a biography or listening to an interview about the craft – comedy is always in my life. Susanna has given me a solid base that I firmly believe in, and is a frequent go to for my comedy writing. I couldn’t be any more appreciative for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to teaching these kids the ropes of comedy.


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