Comedy Playground,LLC

Jerami Monreal, Instructor; Stand Up & Improvisation

Jerami Monreal is an alumni of “AMDA: The college and conservatory of the performing arts.” He has a heavy focus in Improv, having learned through programs like, The Groundlings, and Los Angeles Connection. He was also a student of Susanna Spies with stand-up, and has performed at clubs around LA, and Albuquerque. He┬ástarted his teaching journey here, with Comedy Playground, starting in 2014. Since then he has continued his journey with CP, and brought his teachings to programs like Eamon Cannon Comedy Project, CitySTAGE, and even his alma mater, AMDA. He is always in pursuit of making his students the most confident they can be, as well as learning something new from his brilliant students.

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